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For medical products to succeed, clinicians must want to use them, payers must provide coverage and reimbursement, and healthcare system buyers must purchase and make them available. FGA has more than 20 years of experience conducting medical technology and healthcare market assessments. We understand the unique challenges of today's healthcare environment and have the expertise to navigate these increasing complexities.

Dependable Healthcare Market Intelligence

Fortier Gruidl Associates (FGA) is a market research firm dedicated to providing our medtech industry clients with dependable healthcare market insight. From needs discovery through product launch and beyond, we can provide the resources to support you in advancing your product, market and business development goals.

Evidence-based Demonstrations of Value

FGA focuses exclusively on medical technologies and healthcare markets and can quickly tap key resources to inform your business decisions. Our research programs generate the intelligence to create the rigorous, evidence-based demonstrations of value needed to succeed in today’s healthcare environment.

Objective-driven Study Design and Execution

Tailored to your prescribed intelligence needs and strategic goals, our research programs draw from the full range qualitative and quantitative study methods. Our commitment is to deliver critical, on-target intelligence, enabling your team to decisively interpret and act on the findings.

Who We Are

Who We Are

The principal consultant, Kim Fortier Gruidl, leads and manages each client engagement. Additional resources from our vetted network of collaborators and industry subject specialists are brought onboard on an as-needed basis. As a small firm, we have the agility and flexibility to match our resources to your project requirements. An accomplished market research professional, Kim has more than two decades of experience helping medical technology clients achieve their product, market and business development goals with expert market and technology assessments, voice-of-the customers studies, and competitive landscape investigations. Kim communicates fluently across the spectrum of healthcare stakeholders from clinicians to buyers and payers. And, with a combined background in engineering and marketing, she can skillfully moderate discussions ranging from clinical science and technology to healthcare economics and supply chain. Her extensive experience in objective-driven study design and execution ensures delivery of relevant, tangible results that enable her clients to formulate durable strategies founded on in-depth intelligence about market drivers and customer needs.


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